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a useful discussion with his former foe. he is also set to meet with congressman paul ryan. paul ryan will take place in the fiscal cliff meeting today with treasury tim geithner and house speaker john boehner. >> it may be your favorite spot for lounging around but your couch could be killing you. 85 percent of all couches in the united states contain potentially toxic chemicals according to a study published by the journal of environmental science and technology. most are treated with chemicals that are supposed to prevent fire. many of the chemicals have been banned because they can cause cancer among other problems. >> that is scary. the words husband and wife getting axed from marriage certificates in washington. they will likely be replaced with more gender neutral terms spouse a and spouse b. the same-sex marriage law takes effect december 6th. >> the video you have to see a zebra and tony captured on cell phone video running wild through the streets of staten island, new york. it happened during a busy morning commute. >>> it's a zebra. it's staten island running past me. it c
actually think a more substantive and more important meeting would be a meeting with paul ryan. look, i'm no paul ryan fan. but here's a guy who really does have a following. he does have a constituency. and he's in the house. and is probably going to be a key part of the fiscal slope, fiesta negotiations. >> i think you're absolutely right. >> that would be productive and meaningful. >> you're right. in many ways this is a pointless meeting because romney has no real followers. he doesn't have a steady agenda to push. he's not going to be advocating for a thing he wants. if the president saw what stewart stevens wrote in the "washington post," that was total eye roll city. i'm sure he wasn't liking it any more. the president was a charismatic african-american with a billion dollars, no primary and media that often felt morally conflicted about being critical. okay. whatever. eye roll city. but i actually was working the phones earlier today. did some reporting. >> that's weird. >> sometimes i do that. and i actually was able to find out what they're going to be serving at the meal toda
. mr. romney is also scheduled to meet with paul ryan. [ crowd noise ] >>> this wild scene broke out in a milwaukee courthouse today after a driver was sentenced to prison for hitting and killing a boy. he received a year behind bars and one year probation for the fatal crash. the victim's family members became upset with that sentence and started brawling with ashford's relatives. as many as two dozen people were involved in the altercation. several were injured. at least three were arrested. >>> coming up is the alex smith era over for the 49ers? and tempers flare at the garden as boston and brooklyn mix it up in the nba. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [
isn't just having lunch with president obama today. he's also seeing running mate paul ryan for the first time since the election. finally, michelle obama unveiled the holiday decorations at the white house which featured 54 christmas trees, a gingerbread house and a statue of the first dog which looked real. >>> let's go to wall street where markets did see a boost. the dow opens at 12,985. that is after rising 106 points yesterday. the s&p 500 added 10. the nasdaq gained 23. in tokyo, neat okay was up 92 points and the hang seng gained 14. chain stores release november retail sales figures todayment a new survey shows most adults would postpone holiday shopping until january if they could save money. >>> and a different survey found that holiday parties are making a comeback with 83% of companies hosting an event this season. researchers have tested the foam in 100 couches and 40% contained banned toxic chemicals that can cause cancer. >>> a recall has been ordered of a trampoline for safety reasons. it involves sports power park side model trampolines sold at sports autho
. romney is also scheduled to meet with former running mate congressman paul ryan. the white house is sending representatives to capitol hill to find a solution for the impending fiscal cliff today. republicans complained the white house has yet to provide specifics about how the president would curve the rapid growth of programs like medicare and medicaid. the president is insisting that tax rates go up on families will accede to under $50,000 a year. house speaker john banar is adamant that any tax revenues come from overhauling the tax code. clearing tax breaks and lowering rates for everyone. >> two tickets last night. one was sold in arizona one was sold in missouri in both matched all six numbers. arizona lottery officials said they have no information on the winter. they look at now is where it was sold at a press conference. two very lucky ticket holders. >> authorities have released the two names of two teenage girls were shot and killed during a weekend in oakland. 16 year old bobbysartan and 16 euro raquel gerstall will found 6:00 a.m. sunday morning with multiple gunsho
's schedule today is congressman paul ryan, the house budget chairman. of course was his running mate back during the campaign. paul ryan has a key role in these budget talks of course as well. where they stand, a short time ago vice president biden went to a local costco here in washington, d.c., proclaimed himself optimistic they would get a deal. the fact of the matter yesterday, erskine bowles, a key player as well, saying he is slightly pessimistic. he says there is 2/3 chance they will go off the fiscal cliff. that is not what the markets want to hear, jon. jon: not at all. ed henry at the white house. if jay carney relents and let you into the meeting give us a shot. we'll be on air. >> reporter: i will give you a copy of the menu. jon: please do, thanks. jenna: we'll forget about politicians just for a moment. i promise we'll return there surely over the next couple hours. let's talk about some renewed private sector pushing to really slash the federal budget. a group called citizens against government waste is calling for nearly $2 trillion in cuts the next five years. doug mckelw
think paul ryan on the list is a really good choice. >> bill: paul ryan, everyone? >> he actually wasn't -- he wound up not being that quote, unquote big of a deal in the presidential race. but if you think about it he is the one guy trying to put together ideas how do we solve these long-term fiscal problems that countries around the world are facing. how are you going to deal with long-term entitlements. >> bill: i mocked powers and now i have to mock you. >> all right. >> bill: ryan hasn't accomplished it yet. if ryan were to accomplish the things that he wants to accomplish and bring the federal budget under control and get the two parties together to get a responsible budget then he would without a doubt be person of the year he hasn't. he couldn't even carry his state. kristen, he couldn't even carry his state. >> i don't think he is to blame for that. >> bill: that's they put him on the ticket they needed a state like wisconsin. i don't think either of those men rise. now, bill clinton why would he be person of the year. >> he got barack obama elected. that's the view of "time"
for that position? >> no, no. >> romney will also meet with his running mate congressman paul ryan for the first time since the election. if cameras catch it, it's likely it might happen somewhere on capitol hill. we've been told it will be held in a private place, not in the u.s. capitol, not in one of the buildings. cameras did capture governor romney going to disney. he'll have office space at solo mere, the firm co-founded by his son tag. he raised a record amount of money that no one thought was possible on the republican side. other than that we haven't seen much of romney. one person who is making himself known at least today is the romney campaign's chief strategist stewart stevens. he's defending the campaign in the pages of "the washington post." in an op ed that's amazing of being completely free of even a single piece of self reflection. if you believe stevens, it was all outside sources that stopped one of the great president campaigns in history, a campaign that by the way will make him fabulously wealthy. when all is said and done, stephens may have made as much as $10 million. we
running mate, paul ryan. but i think -- what i think a lot of people want to know if we're going to hear from governor romney today. oftentimes we have a stakeout, microphone or camera position outside the white house. is that the case today? i know we can't get into that private dining room. what about outside after the governor leaves? >> reporter: we have cameras everywhere, to not only get a shot of the governor going in, but also if he wants to say something, we'll be there, as well. as you pointed out, my colleague, jim acosta, said about a half hour ago, according to a republican source, governor romney was meeting with representative ryan at a hotel here in it d.c. and so it's unclear. we have located where that hotel is, and if we'll be staking that out as well. but we just want to be able to hear a little bit about what is in governor romney's head, what is he thinking, what does he hope to accomplish by this meeting? at this point, we're watching and waiting, but so far, nothing. >> we've got to make sure that microphone and the hot mic position is in on position. dan lothian,
video. while in washington romney also met with his former running mate, the marathoner paul ryan, and offered a few kind words about him to the press. >> mr. romney, how was your meeting with mr. ryan today? was it nice to see him? >> that's a greet friend. good to be with him. >> good to be with him? >> always great to see paul ryan. >> while today's lunch was perhaps an opportunity to shake after a hard fought campaign, not everybody was feeling so friendly. take for example john bain mother earlier today slammed the president for campaign style events on the fiscal cliff. >> no substantive progress has been made in the talks between the white house and the house over the last two weeks. so right now all eyes are on the white house. the country doesn't need a victory lap. it needs leadership. >> speaker boehner said the president needs to get serious about what spending cuts he's willing to make. but that was news to senate majority leader harry reid. >> he says that democrats have got to get serious about cuts, spending cuts. where is the disconnect then? >> i don't understand
's right. romney met with his former running mate, paul ryan, a little bit earlier on this morning. he said to reporters that it was nice to see his old friend, his old running mate. paul ryan issued a statement after that meeting and we have a graphic of that. i can read it to you right now, thomas. he said, i remain grateful to governor romney for the honor of joining his ticket this fall. i cherish our friendship. i'm proud of the principles and issues we advanced during the campaign and the commitment we share to expanding opportunity and promoting economic security for american families. so governor romney here meeting with various people at, of course, what is a very critical time. the deadline for the fiscal cliff is drawing near. you have to imagine that that was a large part of romney's discussions today both with president obama and with ryan. >> kristen welker at the white house, thanks so much. >>> we take you back on capitol hill where congressional leaders put much of their energy on the ongoing fiscal cliff negotiations. oklahoma representative tom cole who broke ranks with r
paul ryan. >> mr. romney, how was your meeting with mr. romney today? was it nice to see him? >> good friend. great to be with him. >> always great to see paul ryan. >> sure. always great to see him. and chat about the irony of their getting only 47% of the vote. how fitting. but the fact is, even now many republicans don't get why they were rejected by the american people. this morning, as romney was getting ready for his big day in washington, his top political strategist was on national tv talking about why he lost. >> i certainly don't think it was the ideas. i think that the ideas carried the day for us and the success that we had, though it obviously wasn't enough to win the race, was based on the candidate mitt romney and on his ideas. >> the ideas carried the day? what is he talking about? those ideas are why romney came in second place. this election was a rejection of the policies romney stood for. but too many republicans just don't get it. right now we have incredibly important issues to deal with, on tacks, jobs, immigration, marriage equality. but how account country mov
a meeting with his former running mate paul ryan, had a chance to talk to a republican source close to mitt romney who said the meeting went "great." we should get a statement from paul ryan's office shortly. >> jim, who has romney been up to these days? what is he doing now? does he have any plans coming up? >> he has been laying low. you might remember he did tweet out that picture on thanksgiving of he and his wife, ann romney, who was, as we all recall, one of his big weapons during the campaign, inside their house on thanksgiving morning. pretty much not much else beside that. he did have that controversial conference call with his daughters where he made comments that got him into hot water and brought him under criticism within the republican party. we did talk to a couple of sources close to mitt romney yesterday who said that he is subletting space at the offices much his son tag's investment firm in boston, and he is not not joining the firm, so the translation is he does not have a permanent day job, which brings us back to what's happening here. is this just a show of bipartisan
. while in washington, romney will sit down with his former running mate, paul ryan. now, that lunch is not going to be open to the media. but, oh, to be a fly or anything on that wall. >> awkward. have fun, fellas. >>> when we come back this morning, get your motor running. the new cars getting the buzz at the l.a. auto show. >>> and you're going to need big bucks at starbucks. the $7 cup of coffee is here. >>> and we can't get enough of powerball. what we're learning about the winning tickets. and a little advice for next time. >>> and welcome back, everyone. three former bp workers are free this morning after being arraigned on manslaughter charger, stemming from the deepwater horizon oil rig explosion. they pleaded not guilty yesterday in new orleans and were released on bond. the men are accused of disregarding high pressure readings just before the blast that killed 11 workers in april of 2010. >>> and there is encouraging news in the fed's latest snapshot of the economy. the report known as the beige book, shows steady economic growth in recent weeks, led by consumer spending
former running mate, congressman paul ryan who is working on fiscal cliff negotiations on capitol hill. >>> speaking of that fiscal cliff, both democrats and republicans right now still battling to try and find a compromise. top white house negotiate easy heading to capitol hill today to keep those talks going, trying to avoid that looming deadline. tracie potts has the latest on the fight to keep your tax breaks from vanishing. >> reporter: treasury secretary tim geithner and rob nabors bring the president's deficit-cutting plan to capitol hill today. >> i'm open to a fair and balanced approach to reduce our deficit. >> reporter: republicans want to know if it includes the government spending less money. >> we put revenue on the table as long as it's accompanied by serious cuts. >> reporter: white house leaders are meeting with boehner and top republicans. at least one analyst thinks there could be a deal here. >> if i were involved in a negotiation like this and everybody was purporting to be where they are, i would say that an agreement was reachable. >> i'm hopeful but don't put me
a specific assignment in mind for the governor. >> earlier today, romney expected to meet with paul ryan. >>> a top adviser for the romney campaign, stewart stephens, is out with an op-ed arguing that his candidate was the real winner on election day. he writes, "on november 6, romney carried the majority of every economic group except those making less than $50,000 a year. that means he carried the majority of the middle class. voters, yes, the republican party has problems but as we go forward, let's remember that any party that captures the majority of the middle class must be doing something right. republican ideals-mitt romney-carries the day." >> he argues that they stem from being charismatic african-american president with a billion dollars. no primary in a media that felt morally conflicted about being critical. >>> overseas markets are treading higher this morning on hopes that lawmakers here at home will reach a budget deal when it comes to taxes and entitlements. in a meeting with middle class americans yesterday, president obama said he believes the framework for a deal coul
is also going to get together with his former running mate, congressman paul ryan at some point today. ryan recently returned to work on capitol hill, but the republican ticket reunion is going to happen somewhere away from the hill, we're told. back to you. >> steve: peter, we thank you very much. >> gretchen: why would mitt romney do this lunch? >> steve: it's the classy thing to do. >> gretchen: maybe. >> brian: it dates back to 1960. jfk we want to visit richard nixon. >> gretchen: i'm all for class, but i don't know what the benefit is of doing this lunch because -- >> steve: you don't want to look like a sore loser. >> gretchen: i don't know. let us know what you think about that. should mitt romney go to this lunch today? i have a couple reservations about it. >> brian: during the holidays with traffic. >> gretchen: not about that. he's not going to go back into politics. is the president really going to listen to mitt romney's ideas? i mean, he's not on the same page at all. so i don't really understand the benefit of this other than the president being able to come out and sa
side not interested so far. >> i know you just ran into paul ryan who is romney's running mate there on capitol hill. what did he tell you about the lunch between romney and the president? >> reporter: i was just running down stairs to grab something to drink and i -- the basement and there alone talking to a reporter was paul ryan back to being a regular congressman. he will meet with romney later this afternoon an romney has lunch at the white house with the president. i overheard ryan as i went by and stopped listened for a southern california say he is a friend of mine, good to see him but talk about a big change. a month ago jetting all over the country, now just another congressman. >> it would be safe to assume that at lunch there will be a discussion about the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: i would think but i don't know what to think about what's going on. have you to believe first it's one of the most awkward meetings, that's got to eat at you from the inside out. >> yeah. and there was not a lot of love lost during the debates. that's part of politics. >> reporter: you
to make. we had that movie a year-and-a-half ago where paul ryan presented a budget. serious real budget. with real cuts. obama was supposed to gave speech where he would respond with a counter offer. what did he do? he gave a speech with ryan on the front row. he called the ryan proposal un-american, insulted him. offered nothing and ran on mediscare in the next 18 mont months. they expect the republicans will do this again? republicans will walk on this. i think they have leverage. yes, for congressional democrats it will help them in the future if the republicans absorb the blame because we will have a recession. obama is not running again unlike the congressional democrats. he is going to have a recession. 90% unemployment, 2 million more unemployed. second term that will be a ruin. that is not a good proposition if you are barack obama. >> bret: before you respond to that, a.b., there is one thing that speaker boehner talked about today, leverage wise. that is tying the debt ceiling limit to this entire deal. and the white house reacting. >> there is a lot of things i wanted in my l
at 10:00 a.m. and then with house republicans including speaker john boehner, eric cantor and paul ryan. geithner will lunch with mitch mcconnell and then house minority leader nancy pelosi. president obama is signaling he's flexible on on where tax rates should go for the wealthiest americans. a return to the clinton era tax rates would have households pay between 36% to 39%. the president met with a group of 14 ceos wednesday afternoon. they offered support for resolving the if i can crisis with a proposal for higher taxes for those who make more than a quarter million dollars a year. sdl bo >> both sides have acknowledged that there will be revenue concessions and sbilgtment cent concessio concessions. i'm not a master of the political art here, but i would say if you have these point of views in a business context as close as they are, i would say a deal would be in reach. >> ford chairman bill ford junior agrees with blankfein saying he's confident the obama administration can reach a deal with congress to avoid the fiscal cliff. but speaking with reporters in bangkok, he says the
with campaign running mate congressman paul ryan. the famous red kettles of the salvation army could be hard to find this holiday season in one colorado city. a new panhandling law set to take effect next month that will ban those bell ringers and donation pots in part of downtown colorado springs. the city's mayor says the law aims to increase safety by keeping solicitors off any kind of streets. the ban is just way too broad. one hotel owner in that area tells fox news a salvation army bell ringer will be able to keep up a kettle inside the hotel courtyard because that is private property. the teenage actor who apparently had a religious revelation and called his own tv show a bunch of filth says he didn't mean to discredit his colleagues. an gas t. jones plays that kid on two and a half men. has for the past 10 years now. and makes about $350,000 per show. but in the video for some christian organization he told people don't watch it. he said he didn't want to tribute to the quote enemies plan. he is not exactly taking it all back but he does now say "i apologize if my remarks reflect me
of republican leadership. eric can der, pow, kevin mccarthy, bam, paul ryan, bang. young guns, conservatives with kick and youth and gunlyness. earlier this year, they decided to expand their brand. they called it their brand expansion effort. woman up, like man up only for woman. this was their woman-up pavilion where there were talks about politics and also a bar and also hair and makeup touchups. i kid you not. outreach and touchups intersect in tampa. then, there was the election where the republican presidential nominee lost women voters by 11 points. the number of republican women in the house went from 24 women to 19 women, which is woman something but it is definitely not woman up. then, there was last night when the republicans in the house picked for their 19 committee chairman 19 committee chairmen. 19 jobs, 19 men. it turns out that story actually gets worse. bang. that's coming up. of medicare and social security. anncr: but you deserve straight talk about the options on the... table and what they mean for you and your family. ancr: aarp is cutting through all the political spin
will also meet with his vice presidential running mate paul ryan when he's in washington tomorrow. we'll be right back. >>> we'll win the war, sir. it's inevitable, isn't it? >> well, ain't won yet. >> you'll begin your second term with divine stature. imagine the possibilities, peaceful and great, why tarnish your invaluable luster with a battle in the house? it's a rat's nest in there. the same gang of talentless hicks and hacks who rejected the amendment ten months ago. we'll lose. >> i like our chances now. >> wow. we're back. that was a clip from the new steven spielberg movie "lincoln" based on doris kearns goodwin's "rivals." the house majority whip, kevin mccarthy rented out the film to show it to members of the house. what's the takeaway it is relevant in washington. joining us, doris cerns. congratulations for greatness. this is always the place for pom particulars. we want to talk about the politics. the movie focuses on the period in which the president, lincoln, near the last weeks of his life, just into his second term or before his second term commenced after he had bee
-- [indiscernible] i do not see that tom has had parades thrown in his honor. [indiscernible] paul ryan goes the other way. give a dynamic of where we are right now. the final question is why is it simpson-bowles and not bowles- simpson? >> i will take the latter first. the reason is not bowles- simpson is the acronym for that is not appropriate. [laughter] simpson-bowles means son of a bitch, so it makes no difference. this council and others, it is to back these guys up who have the guts to do this. no one knows politics better than you. we have worked together for years. there is a political price. these groups will begin to circle. we will raise more bucks to be right there at their backs until our backs cave in. if the tipping point comes and we go over the cliff, the people in america who are looking around when they go to borrow money to send their kid to community college and it has gone up 2% interest rates, they will say, who did this? what a jerk allow this to happen? they will say, you were the rigid one who would never do anything and we will take it out on you. i hope it does h
:00 and then followed by a session with john boehner, eric cantor, paul ryan and chairman of the house's tax writing ways and means committee dave camp. also lunch with republican senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi. yesterday a number of high profile corporate leaders met with president obama at the white house, including lloyd blankfein. >> both sides have acknowledge there had is revenue concessions and entitlement concessions. in fact if you listen to it, again, i'm not a master of the political art here, but i would say if you have these point of views in a business context, i would say a deal would be in reach. >> among our guests this morning, we have ron johnson. at the white house today, president obama will host mitt romney for a private lunch. it's their first meeting since the election. and this his victory speech, obama promised to engage with romney and consider his ideas. >> a lot of people didn't think the lunch would ever happen. >> interesting if he's going to be talking about ideas, mitt romney's idea had been to reach some sort of a cap on it 00 mem deductions
with former runningmate congressman paul ryan. todays storm in the bay .. actually affected people alldozens of flights were cancelled at the san francisco international.. also, a prosecutors say, a as an adult after being both those stories... coming up as kron 4 news continues! >>jacqueline: the rainfall has pushed to the east with even more details on the storm's coming up. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> we can see that not only was it a busy morning but an extremely wet warning on the lawn grizzly peak tree trimmers word cutting down dangerous tree limbs. haazig madyun >> continuing our steam court coverage from the santa cruz mountains, this summit of highway 17. despite heavy rainfall, a thankfully, there were no serious accidents. >> want to make sure that everyone takes it slow, easy and makes it home safely. >> so far, so good and
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the chairmanship. so they made an exception in the case of paul ryan, but not the one woman who chaired a committee. >> this is just dumb. it speaks to their judgment and it speaks to what michael said, which is where their real heart is. it's funny, the ethics committee and administration committee are really important committees. but it is kind of easy to characterize it as saying they want one to be a mom and the other to be the house keeper. it's sort of speaks to the issue -- by the way, now you're going to do exactly what michael says you don't want to to. you didn't put a woman in a role just because she's a woman so you can check the box. there are qualified women who ought to have those roles based on their capacity and talent. >> thank you both very much. and you can watch this segment and in fact the rest of jansing and company on our new and improved home on the web. we are unveiling a revamped page today. bolder headlines, the latest news and best video from jansing and company and also a space for your comments. tell us what you think. >>> also making news this morning, former cia chi
, mr. romney also reportedly will visit with his former running mate paul ryan of wisconsin who is heavily golved in the g.o.p.'s negotiations with the obama administration to solve the government's fiscal cliff. since the election, mr. rom knit has secluded himself from the media at his southern california home making no public appearances but has bad photographed killing his car at a local gas station and taking a day trip with his grandchildren to nearby disneyland. linden in bristol, virginia on our democrats line. the g.o.p. says to address the spending problem, what do you think? caller: i kind of agree more with the president that it should be a balanced approach. yes, we probably do have a spending problem. i agree. but i definitely believe that there is a problem with our revenue and you know, to go back for guys who make billions or millions of dollars every year and just interest alone, who -- a secretary to work every day does that 40 hour a week. so i think it's a balanced approach leaning more towards revenue as a way to solve things. definitely got to cut spending
, congressman paul ryan. >>> former baltimore orioles doug de census is indicted on insider trading. money laundering for a stock sale in 2008. the feds claim decinces bought $160,000 of stock in a medical device company and sold it for $1.3 billion after a friend alerted him to a takeover bid. >>> let's talk -- real sports now. they say you can't lose your job to injury. tell that to alex smith. the 49ers' quarterback was on a role this season, completing 70% of his passes and leading the team to the top of the power rankings and then he suffered a concussion in the november 11th game against st. louis. colin kaepernick, the second-year backup won his first two starts and even though smith has been cleared to play, the coach, jim harbaugh, is starting his second stringer on sunday. >> i don't know if it's a hot hand or whatever you want to call it. but i'm just happy i getting to back out there. >> so, there's a reason players don't want to come off the field when they know they might not get back in again. michael vick, also concussed in a november 11th game, will likely be on the bench
mate paul ryan. this will be happening after the lunch. >> the white house to send representatives to capitol hill to find out the conditions of the looming fiscal cliff. they complain that the white house has not provided them on how the president will curb medicaid and medicare. if the president has been consistent and that he does not want the tax to go for people who are under too much as $50. he is adamant that any new tax revenue must come from--he once rates lowered and was is that and find a middle ground. >> in bay area a news they have released the names of two girls were shot and killed over the weekend in oakland. a 16 year-old girl and a another 15 year-old were found shot to death about 6:00 in the morning in east oakland. they have been hit by multiple gunshot loans. if they stated that they do not have a modem and they do not know why these girls were on the street along. no arrests have been made. >> oakland police are asking for your help. there is a 16 year-old girl walked away from a group home on coolidge ave. if the staff followed her but then they lost sight
the debates paul ryan said that 97% and 98% of employers are small businesses. that would make small business owners who are more likely middle class the actual job creators, not the top percentage that claims they are. >> stephanie: wait, now wait a minute. go back, i'm sorry? >> caller: if 97% and 98% of all employers in the country are small businesses. >> stephanie: then the top 2% are job creators. >> they are job creators, but they don't create nearly any jobs. >> the two 2% are money hoarders. that should be a new reality show. there's that middle income family job right on top of a cat. >> stephanie: and they use job creator business loose. let's dive into the right-wing world. charles k routhammer. >> sound byte: obama understand this. he's not trying to fix our fiscal issues and problems, he's trying to destroy the republicans by insisting there is a split among the republicans on this issue that has held them together the same way he destroyed senior bush sr. when he went back on the pledge he made. this is an attack on the republicans. there is no evidence that he is interested in
whatsoever, and when paul ryan and others have put forward our plans, they've pilied them for it. i'm glad president obama's meeting with simon. i'd love for him to meet with john john boehner. [laughter] megyn: simon's got a lot of good ideas. were you in that meeting with the unions and the progressive groups that the president had -- >> no. i was in a different meeting. they can't meet with all at the same time. megyn: were you in the meeting that the progressive groups emerged from feeling, quote, very happy where they felt that the white house with us not going -- was not going to offer any spending cuts? they felt those programs were all going to be protected? >> no, no, i don't think that's what was said after that meeting. i think what the democrats want is balance. i think they're willing to give. i mean, in the president's budget now is $300 billion of additional cuts in medicare, and this is why what marc's saying is just not true. the democrats have shown a willingness to give on all four of the places we think we need to give. it's been the republicans who have been intransige
mate as well, congressman paul ryan. that happened earlier. those are the headlines right now here in the fox newsroom. back to tracy. tracy: jamie colby, thank you very much. >> reporter: you're welcome. tracy: oil poised to snap a three legs losing streak amid growing hopes that congress and the president can reach an agreement. maybe they know something we don't and potentially avoid the fiscal cliff. sandra smith has details in today's trade. they will think they will get it done, what? >> that's correct. the markets can tell us a lot of things and the markets are telling us maybe a deal will get done. look at the crude oil market up 2%. hear is the weekly chart. going back to the win beginning of the week it was down, down. we had consecutive daily drops in oil. we reached this low in yesterday's trading session and now we have a bid in the oil market. so there is some anticipation we'll get some sort of resolution by year's end. a nice hefty boost by a couple bucks today. whether or not that continues will be up for grabs. we're certainly seeing traders stepping in here on th
. stuart: there is no prayer of that. the details of paul ryan's plan have something to the degree. and during the debate, they had a lot on it, a lot of the concessions. >> you have to grandfather the middle class at a minimum. you don't need it on a go forward basis, the reason to have more mortgage interest deduction to start with is the interest rates in this country, and -- stuart: i agree with you. the grandfather concept, and have a mortgage. and can i suddenly not deduct the mortgage i had 25 years? >> a horrible thing for you. stuart: are we agreed on this? [talking over each other] charles: something is going to happen that people don't like. will be very unpopular with a bunch of people. they will pay higher taxes. stuart: treasury secretary tim geithner, on capitol hill, the fiscal cliff. isn't this what president obama should be doing? going on a pant decamping trail, and the tax the rich plan. he won the election. who else does he need to convince? doug shoen still a democrat. why is this, why is tim geithner talking to congressional leaders, politicians? >> we are no
. >> reporter: earlier in the day the former gop nominee met with his former running mate paul ryan where an aide to the congressman said he had a constructive and positive conversation with mitt romney this morning. in addition to sharing updates from their families and reflections from the campaign, their forward looking conversation focused on resolving the critical fiscal and economic challenges ahead. translation, fiscal cliff. it's a challenge romney might have faced had he won. but as one of his strategists said on cbs, mistakes were made. >> i think we should have done a better job reaching out to women voters, the governor has a great record on women's issues. we should have done a better job articulating that record. and we should have done a better job reaching out to hispanic voters. >> reporter: as workers were busy building the seating used in president obama's next inaugur inaugural, romney slipped out a side entrance of the white house leaving the capital's focus squarely on the man who won. as for that incident that occurred as romney arrived at the white house, the secre
enough, he's going to meet with paul ryan. where that goes is also anybody's guess, but before that meeting, the speaker's office telling us they accepted the meeting only on the condition that the white house bring up some specific spending cuts and get serious about spending, i talked to senator lindsay gram, a republican, just before geithner walked into the building. he said he doesn't think there's that much asphalt on the road for reins to talk about tax increases at this point, he want f s to see some specific offers from the democrats. >> we'll be coming back to you not too long from now. >>> now to a big earnings mover in the luxury retail sales. brian, i read through your note that you issued this morning. you said still weak but not dismal. same store sales up 1%. inventories climbed 11%. this is not dismal, they are cutting the third year. >> as i look through the results today and there's no question on the face of them, they look really bad. tiffany did earnings per share of 45 cents, we were at 62 cents, i think the street was at 63. the crux of that miss was gro
to take an honest look at medicare. i happen to believe the paul ryan approach was not the right approach, to say the least. i thought that his idea of premium support capping the amount was put into it would've raised the cost of medicare insurance on many seniors, and i think it was unworkable and certainly didn't support it. some have suggested raising the medicare retirement age, eligibility age i should say. and i've trouble with that. my trouble is this, in my family i had an older brother passed away a few years ago. when he retired, he had health insurance from his employer in california, and then he had a massive heart attack and surgery, and they canceled his insurance. my very conservative republican brother who had no use for social programs started counting the days until he was eligible for medicare. that was the only place he could turn. what was at stake were all of the savings he put together for his family. so we would talk on if anybody doesn't talk about a later eligibility age for medicare, what i want to hear is the assurance and guarantee that people like my brother
between 10 and 20 years from now. democrats will say that's the paul ryan precedent, that in his medicare plan, the vast majority of all changes take place a decade from now. so republicans are going to have to swallow a tax increase today for medicare cuts on a faraway tomorrow. and as far as what those tax cuts look like, there's going to be a tax rate increase, certainly in the short term. and if you just look at the -- there's an article you can link to our piece today, just look at the top 20 loopholes in deductions. and it shows that it's virtually impossible to close or change any of the most expensive ones. so you're probably going to end up with some kind of total cap on deductions or some sort of alternative minimum tax rate for rich people. so you can jack up the amount of revenue that you're getting for people making over $250,000 or $500,000, whatever the end number is. but again, if you listen to the rhetoric on camera, it sounds like well, there's no way there will be a deal. if you talk to people who have been in the room, they say calm down. it's going to be ugly, but we
. >> ryan, are we hearing any house republicans saying no way, we should not compromise? >> sure, and rand paul on the senate side who speaks for a lot of tea partiers said that today. said we shouldn't compromise. shouldn't even compromise on deductions. i thought your kremlin analogy was pitch perfect. there's a lot more going on and the last couple of years, there's been a ton of pressure from rank and file republicans on leadership saying look, we're getting killed at home over these millionaire tax cuts. why don't we just take what charles schumer offered, extend it for everybody but a million above and get this off the table and move on. leadership was able to unify their conference the last two years around no tax cuts for anybody at any time, but now that tom cole is out now, the situation has changed a little bit, i think you're going see a lot of that pressure, which was mostly unreported start to bubble up a lot more. >> tom cole was asked tonight on cnn about defying grover norquist and the pledge. >> i admire grover norquist. i think he's done a lot of good. i signed that pled
happened. i'll pour more salt in the wound. paul ryan said the reason we won is because we did tpwhell you shallen areas. we won his hometown by 24 points and he lost it by ten and it's not an you shallen area. so it's disturbing within eighty days there is that think about that gift to young people, latinos. gifts of contraception to women. so if that's your diagnosis, and it actually has eerie echoes of the 47%. so to the think of soul searching. governor romney is going off the stage. others who are going to be facing voters in 2014 and 2016 are going to be most prominent in deciding a direction. i think that would be concerning to anybody in the republican party is thinking how do we get more square with the country as it exists today. >> i think technology played an interesting role in both of those moments and perhaps others in the campaign. i'd love to hear you talk about this for a moment. for example, in a previous era the 47% tape might never have been made or might have only been an audio taped and leaked to the "new york times" or "washington post" or some other newspaper and e
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